Job Openings


Job Openings

Facility Maintenance Coordinator (Part Time)

Light Maintenance and General Facility Care to keep the church building safe and well maintained. Duties include and are not limited to:

  • Fertilize and weed control on lawn
  • Maintain irrigation system for landscaping (including winterizing)
  • Schedule and be present during fire/sprinkler inspection
  • Schedule and be present for HVAC servicing
  • Be present during Fire Marshal inspections
  • Address and resolve Fire Marshal issues
  • Security system maintenance
  • Order and maintain janitor equipment (e.g. vacuum)
  • Obtain parts and perform minor electrical & plumbing repairs
  • Maintain and repair playground equipment
  • Dishwasher and ice machine cleaning and maintenance
  • Schedule and be present during electrical & plumbing contractor repairs that are beyond coordinator skill level.
  • Keep salt on hand for use on sidewalks during winter months

Minimum Requirements:
Three years of demonstrated relevant maintenance experience
Works well with others
Addresses customer requests in a timely manner
Available during business hours when needed

Additional Preferences:
2 or 4-year technical degree or skilled trades certification.

Other Information
Pay is up to $20/hour depending on skill level and experience.
Average time required is estimated at 3-4 hours per week.

Send resume to Laura Hartman ( ).

Preschool Substitute

Our preschool program  could always add more people to their sub list.  For more information on any subbing opportunities, please contact Kathryn Singer, our Director of Preschool, via telephone at (317)-873-3232 or via e-mail at .