Why I Love CLC


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Why I Love CLC

Why Do I Love Christ Lutheran Church?

Gary Ashenfelter, member

The Katzenberger family


Heidi Schmidt, member

Chuck Miller, Member

Martha Schmidt, MEMBER

Paul and I were truly overwhelmed with the outpouring of love shown by the congregation during my long recovery (from surgery); the flowers, food and oh so many cards and well wishes!!!!!! We have been blessed in many other ways at Christ Lutheran Church: the small group (that is getting bigger and bigger) we belong to has wonderful, faithful people in it; the dinners are always excellent and we all enjoy the evenings once a month!

We love the beautiful music that we enjoy from so many talented people; and we are regulars to the Bible class discussions. We love the Tuesday evening Great Courses a small group of us is participating in with Pastor leading!  I participate in Gretchen's Book Club and Ann's Bible class, both of which I am missing while out of town.  I've loved being a part of the Service Ministry for many years!!!