3/4s Class


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3/4s Class

For children 36-48 months of age.

3/4s Class Sample Schedule:

9am:   Welcome/Learning Centers
(Literacy, Math, Nature/Science, Sensory Play, Dramatic Play, Blocks, and Small Motor)

9:30am:   Circle Time/Worship
(Discussing our focuses/Bible focus for the week, reading books/Bible stories, singing songs, and praying)

9:45am:   Potty and Snack

10am:   Gross Motor Play
(Outside on the playground or in Fellowship Hall, this is also a time for Music/Movement activities)

10:30am:  Art Activities/Continuation of Learning Centers/Breakout
(Art activities, plus a continuation of the above learning centers)

11:55am:  Prepare for Lunch or Going Home

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