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Baptismal Birthday Recognition

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On September 12 at the 10:30 service you and other members of Christ Lutheran Church who have their baptismal birthdays July through December are invited to celebrate the anniversary of your baptism.

At the appropriate time in the service, you will be asked to gather around the baptismal font, and to join Pastor Wes in using the Rite of Affirmation of Baptism. This brief rite reminds us that the promise God made to us at our Baptism is still valid for us today: we are only baptized once. God’s promise is unchangeable and forever! Sometimes it is hard to believe God’s promise when our life is confronted with challenges and changes. But in these moments, we are encouraged to remember our “roots” – that is to recall again and again that God has indeed forever washed and claimed us and that most certainly is Good News!

Happy Baptismal Birthday!