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At Christ Lutheran Church, we realize that the church is not a building or a specific place. The church IS people and relationships and our faith formation does not just happen inside these walls, but also in our own homes and communities. We are here to help equip families to develop good faith practices at home.


Faith Growers (Ages 3 through Grade 4)

Using age-appropriate lessons, children learn the stories of the Bible and its significant impact on our lives. The small classroom sizes encourage relationship building, creativity, and opportunities for socialization among their peers. The classes are taught by passionate, competent, servant-minded leaders who are awaiting the opportunity to be positive role models and demonstrate care. We welcome you to join our class and learn about the impact of God’s love at 9:15am on Sunday mornings. 

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Middle School (Grades 5-8)

The Middle School youth meet for our Confirmation Program, on Sundays at 9:15am. Our Confirmation Program consists of our pre-teens learning the theology of the Bible by participating in meaningful discussions, role-playing, and watching videos from our award-winning curriculum. Our goal is that each child has an understanding of Lutheran principles so they may grow their faith and apply Christian principles to their daily life. We welcome you to join our class amongst experienced, adaptable, and fun leaders that care about your pre-teen’s personal growth, feelings, and individuality. 

High School (Grades 9-12)

Our high school youth appreciate meeting on Sundays because of the program flexibility, trips and adventure, and meaningful discussions. Our teens serve as leaders at CLC by completing several service projects throughout the year, such as baking delicious pies for The Caring Center at Thanksgiving. Additionally, embarking on a domestic mission trip and attending the ELCA National Youth Gathering are some of the adventures our teens look forward to. Through service, stewardship, and community, our teens learn the expectations God has for them and how to use Biblical principles to resolve daily trials and tribulations. 


At 9:15am on Sunday mornings, adults are welcome to join in the lively discussions in our Adult Education Classes, covering topics that include the Bible, baptism, communion, the Holy Spirit, parables (stories) taught by Jesus, faith in everyday life, forgiveness, and how to understand and receive God’s grace. 


Children and Youth Protection Policy
The intent and purpose the Children and Youth Protection Policy at Christ Lutheran Church is to protect all children and youth who participate in activities sponsored by our church, to ensure proper training of all paid and volunteer workers who work with minors and to establish a procedure for reporting any suspicions of child abuse or neglect to authorities in compliance with Indiana laws. Click here to view the Children and Youth Protection Policy in full.

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