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2022 Stewardship Temple Talk, Cindy Cannedy

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Sunday, April 3 Temple Talk from Cindy Cannedy.  You can also watch the video here.

My father is a life-long Lutheran.  My mother took the scenic route and was baptized Catholic, raised Episcopalian and married into the Lutheran faith.  I and my two sisters are life-long Lutherans.  We went to church every Sunday – even when we were on vacation.  My dad has served his church and his local synod in one capacity or another my entire life.  He currently holds the post of “life-long treasurer” at his current church.  They had to re-write their constitution for that one.

When it came time to write this, I of course went to the expert – my dad.  He sent me a couple of talks he’s given to inspire me.  Our theme this year is faith.  Low and behold, one of the examples my dad gave me included a little story about faith:

Stewardship is the outward expression of our faith.  It's our hands doing God's work.  And faith is a risky business.  In his book about stewardship entitled, "Pay or Burn," Pastor William Genszler writes:

"I have always delighted in the silly story that I first heard with regard to the risk of Faith.

"It was one of those old style churches where the balcony was exceedingly steep, encircling the nave.  It was here that the choir was located.  One Sunday, a spellbinder of a pastor preached a most dramatic sermon.  Everyone listened with rapt attention.  Members of the choir slid forward in their seats in the balcony and right at a high point of excitement in the sermon, a young lady in the choir fell out of the front row of the balcony.  Fortunately, though, her robe got caught in a chandelier.  There she was, dangling in mid-air.

"The pastor saw her situation and, in order to protect her modesty, he shouted out, 'If anyone looks up, the Lord will strike you blind.'  An old codger in the back row whispered to his buddy, 'I think I'll risk one eye.'

"Say what you will, the old guy had a bit of daring.  The tragedy of so many of us church people is that we are afraid to risk even one eye and look up to the Lord and venture forth in faith wherever He will lead the way."

When I first moved to the Indy area, I looked for a church home.  I thought I found it, but I didn’t attend very often.  A friend from my hometown church told me I hadn’t found my church home yet.  When my husband and I started coming to Christ Lutheran Church nineteen years ago, we were expecting our son.  I noticed a familiar name in the church literature I was given – Janzow.  Pastor Janzow’s Feast of Life service was used fairly often here.  Pieces of it were played during my son’s confirmation service.  I haven’t heard it in a while (hint, hint Rhonda!)

Pastor Frank Janzow was my pastor in the church where I grew up. He and his wife Jan were instrumental (pun intended) in my church upbringing.  The inaugural Feast of Life service occurred when I was in middle school.  My dad sang The Blessing at the end of the service.  I had found my church home at Christ Lutheran Church. 

I have faith that others will find their church home here.  I have faith that the ministries we have here will thrive.  I have faith the Lord will guide me as I am called to serve here.  When you are called to give and serve, I share with you the wise words of Pastor Janzow:  think about it, pray about it, then say yes.