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COVID-19 Update 4-29-20

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The Governance Board continues to work to keep up the rapidly changing scenarios that we all are coping with. During its regular meeting on 4/20 and in a special meeting on 4/22, the following actions were taken.

Returning to in-person worship
While we all are looking forward to returning to gathering for worship in our sanctuary, the Governance Board will wait until May 2 to determine if we need to continue our current Facebook Live services or can move to a more in-person format. This is consistent with Governor Holcomb’s current directive to suspend large in-person gathering until at least May 1, and our prior decision to suspend in-person services through May 3.

Annual Congregational Meeting
Our annual congregational meeting will occur on Sunday June 14. While we hope to conduct the meeting in-person, the Governance Board has adopted a continuing resolution that will permit the meeting to occur via ZOOM. The congregation will be asked to vote on a bylaw amendment at the meeting to codify our ability to conduct remote meetings. These steps were taken after consultation with the Indiana-Kentucky Synod attorney. We appreciate the assistance that Roger Burrus, CLC member, provided the GB in determining how to proceed with this process.

Payroll Protection Program application
After determining that CLC is eligible to submit an application for funding through the Payroll Protection Program (PPP), the Governance Board moved forward with the submission. If we receive the funds, they will be used over a 2 ½ month period to cover payroll and a few additional items. We are fortunate that Tony Firmani, Treasure, and members of the Finance Committee are familiar with the regulations and will guide us in remaining compliant with the regulations for the use of the funds.

Status of Preschool Finances
Kathryn Singer, Director of the Preschool, has applied for and received $15,000 in grant funding from the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA). With the addition of donations from preschool parents, sufficient funds were available to cover the teachers’ salaries for the month of April and the first week in May. While some donated funds are available to cover payroll for the second week in May, at this time the full payroll is not covered. It is hoped that an additional FSSA grant will be received to cover the third week in May which is the end of the school year.

After prayerful consideration, the Governance Board decided that there was no source of CLC General Funds to pay the salaries of the preschool teachers, if external funds are not available. If additional grant funds or donations to the Preschool are received or if CLC receives funding from the Payroll Protection Program, the preschool teachers will continue to be paid to the extent provided by the available funds. Kathryn Singer will be retained as Director of the Preschool and paid from the CLC General Fund if no other source of funding is available. 

No decision on offering a summer preschool program will be made until additional COVID-19 information is available.

Your continued prayerful support of the CLC staff and members of the Governance Board is greatly appreciated as we continue to work through the process of making decisions in these challenging times.