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Gretchen's Book Club

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Gretchen’s Book Club will meet virtually in a Zoom session Thursday, November 12, at 1pm. In early November, Gretchen will send an email to book club members  with a link to the Zoom meeting.  

In his coming of age novel set during the Great Depression, This Tender Land, William Kent Krueger features rascally 11 year old Odie O’Bannon. After their parents die, Odie and his older brother Albert are sent to a Minnesota school for native American children and other orphans, where cruel and abusive treatment is the norm. 

Eventually, Odie, Albert and two other children escape in a canoe with a plan to reach St. Louis, where distant family members might welcome and help them. This book calls to mind Huck Finn’s Mississippi River adventures.  Along the way, we join this motley group of kids as they encounter treacherous situations and characters, including an evangelical tent revival group and a wacky loner farmer.