COVID-19 Q & A


Beginning Sunday, March 15, in-person worship services & church activities are suspended until further notice, due to COVID-19.  

Sundays 10:30am worship live streaming on Facebook


COVID-19 Q & A

This is a fluid and evolving situation and we will answer questions as they arise on this page. Please check back for more info. If you have a question, please email


(Q)    When can we return to church?

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(Q) How will we be safe when we come to outdoor worship?

(A) Read this document for outdoor worship guidelines as set forth by our Governance Board.

(Q)    How can I help those who are in need of assistance?

(A)   Read this document which establishes a fund to provide emergency assistance to members of CLC and those affiliated with our church.  Simply put, we need your help of contributions to make this emergency fund a reality.  

If you feel so moved, please send checks, with “Emergency Fund” on the memo line, to the church office.  An application for assistance can be obtained by contacting Pastor Wes ( ).    

(Q)    How can I get financial assistance?

(A)  We are accepting applications for assistance now. Individuals who meet the following criteria can apply:

  • Members of CLC or affiliated with the mission of CLC
  • Require assistance for short term needs such as medicine, food, emergency car or home repair

It is anticipated that the maximum grant will be no more than $500 and would not be available more frequently than quarterly, although exceptional circumstances would be considered as funds are available. Exceptions to these criteria may be made on a case by case basis.

A request for funds is made by completion of a short written application, either by the applicant or by the Pastor as part of the request process. The application is available here.