VBS Day 1


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VBS Day 1

Day One: God Rescues Noah

Welcome to day one of Rainforest Explorers VBS! We're glad you're here. Use the outline below to guide you through the day one lesson. Don't forget to send in a Flipgrid video of your child(ren) doing any of the activities!


Join us for a live opening through Zoom at 9 am (link is in your daily email)

Recording of Opening:

Bible Story

God Rescues Noah (Genesis 6:17–22; 8)

Memory Verse

How precious is Your steadfast love, O God! Psalm 36:7

Take-Home Point

God keeps His promises.

Theme Song

Jesus is My Treasure 




Snack: Ark Rescue Yogurt

Craft: God Rescues Us Ark (included in VBS To Go)

Coloring Page: Noah's Ark Coloring Page (included in VBS To Go)


Rainforest Matching (included in VBS To Go)

Materials: Provided

How to play:

  1. Layout cards faced down
  2. Each player will take turns drawing two cards to find a match
  3. Players keep any matches they collect
  4. The player with the most pairs at the end win

Noah’s Ark Animal Drop

Materials: cup and plastic animals 

How to play

  • Put the cup near your feet
  • Stand up straight and hold the animal to your nose
  • Drop the animal from your nose trying to get it into the cup
  • The team that gets the most animals in their jar after a minute wins 

Discussion Questions
  • Why did Noah and his family need to build an ark?
  • Do you think it was hard for Noah to trust God to save him and his family during the flood? Why?
  • Noah didn’t know where he was going. Is it ever hard to trust God because you couldn’t see him?
  • God promises Noah that He would keep Noah and his family safe. What does God promise you?