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Now Hiring: Preschool Director

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At this time of the church year, we look forward to Spring and the promise of new life and renewal in Christ. With this new life and renewal in mind, we look forward to the continued growth and nurturing of those associated with Christ Lutheran Church Preschool.

This past year brought with it uncertainty and trial, yet even through these hardships our leadership and staff have persevered, and we are most thankful for their dedication and hard work.

As we communicated in the fall, it is now time to open the search for a permanent Preschool Director. For more information on the job or to apply, please visit the posting on Indeed.

Christ Lutheran Church Preschool is committed to ongoing stability and Interim Director Sarah Zell will continue to address all school-related activities and questions during this time in order to offer continuity for our faithful parents, staff, and children.