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Temple Talk from February 3: Deb Holbrook

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My husband and I came to this church when our daughter Amy, was a baby.  I had quit working at RCI after thirteen years when my job schedule was changed for the umpteenth time and “baby time” was being lost.  I found a part time job but then as I searched for a full time job was blessed with another pregnancy that became Jim.  So work is harder to find when you are getting obviously bigger and the hiring staff can expect a leave of absence not long after you would be hired.  What now I thought?  I will think and pray on it for the answers.

 My church sponsor and friend, Cheryl Kussow, got wind of me searching for a path and asked if I would like to try MOPS, aka Mothers of Preschoolers.  She also said that she could use some help with data entry of the MOPs moms, and that being something that I liked to do, I was in.

The meetings are once a month with an additional Bible Study also once a month.  Both times there are people who watch the kids to give moms a break.  A few months later, Jim was born.    There were all these younger mothers jumping in to do the activities and I wanted to use Jim as an excuse to sit and watch, but our MOPS mentor, Ingelore Eschenhoff, wisely asked to hold Jim at my first couple of meetings and I jumped in.  The next thing I knew I was the Financial Leader for a few years.  I also put both of my kids into this church’s preschool and ended up working the last 7 weeks of a year filling in when there was a medical leave. I also did the payroll for our church for a few weeks while the new office assistant was trained on everything else.

 With my husband and my new church friends, I made these decisions to try new roles.  Both the MOPS program and our preschool continue today and I think about and pray that the next generation of new moms can find their paths too and continue to live courageously.