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Temple Talk from January 13: Cheryl Kussow

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Live Courageously 

20 years ago, working as an Engineer at Lilly - my friend, after her second child, decided to stay home and be a full time Mom.   I too was in a similar situation and because of her encouragement and her prayers, made the same courageous choice.  It was wonderful to have a faith filled friend who trusted in God and shared with me the blessings he gave her family during this time – the means to live on ½ the income and the miracle of extra money just when needed for emergencies. Because of this opportunity I was able to:

  • Have an extended period of time and experience the joys of my children.
  • Continue to grow our giving at Church and in the community – raises, bonus and out of the blue gifts to meet our needs and grow our goal towards tithing 10% of our income (treasure).
  • Utilize my leadership talents and start the MOPS, Small Group and Preschool ministries at our Church.
  • To Later, acquire a part-time flexible job at home to continue to be able to care for our children and meet expenses.

The blessing continued as our family faced the biggest mountain (or valley depending on perspective!) when our son Seth was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 11.  Because of the courage and strength that God provided to us and through our Church friends and community, we were able move through that and experience the peace that surpasses all understanding.   –  I thank God for the community here at Christ Lutheran Church – you all were courageous in your love, prayers and your hands which supported us along the way.  I look forward to hearing your stories of courage; I look forward to seeing your continued generosity as stewards that are building this community in Christ!